Social Universe: Reveal customer insights to deliver impressive business results.

  • Social Universe combines an intuitive user interface with a powerful Human Dynamics engine to help business users understand their customers, identify market opportunities, and develop highly targeted mobile marketing campaigns.

Social Universe integrates and analyzes telco, social media, and mobile data
to generate behavioral insights and deliver targeted mobile marketing.

  • Business Users

    Social Universe doesn’t require an advanced degree to deliver impressive results. Users can visualize market insights and discover previously hidden signals that open up a world of business possibilities.

  • Real-Time Results

    Knowledge discovery is an iterative process. Social Universe quickly handles complex market questions and rapidly provides answers through an iterative intelligence gathering and analysis process. Users can develop customer insights, take action, and deliver results in real time.

  • Human Dynamics

    Social Universe is based on cutting-edge Human Dynamics research . Social Universe’s complex data algorithms interpret relationships and influence to effectively predict human behavior.