The Grandata Platform

We have built complex algorithms from social network analysis to entity disambiguation to help business users to understand and predict human dynamics. From competition analysis, to churn prediction, to audience classification.


Social Universe
Social Universe is a cloud-based analytics platform that combines an intuitive user experience with powerful data analysis in order to deliver real-time, actionable insights for business users.
Our platform includes a robust API that allows partners, data services, and third-party tools to leverage and extend the behavioral insights generated by Grandata’s powerful Human Dynamics engine.
Human Dynamics
Human Dynamics is Grandata’s core intellectual property. Grandata’s Human Dynamics engine transforms anonymous social, location, and spending information into rich behavioral insights that can be used to optimize marketing and operational initiatives.
Scalable Computing and Distributed Storage
Our platform is built upon a scalable and distributed data processing and storage infrastructure. Grandata is already processing more than two billion events per day from 200 million people around the globe.
Public Data
Grandata integrates anonymized customer and partner data to provide business context and increase the ability to discover new and hidden insights that would be otherwise impossible to see.
Propietary Data
Grandata’s telco and financial services partners provide anonymized social, location, and spending information in real-time to enable rich customer insights and extensive predictive capabilities.